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The Best Nature Excursions (and How to Leave Only Your Footprints)
by Holly Ambrose
published by University Press of Florida

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30 Eco-Trips in Florida

Paddle the Suwannee River. Watch dolphins fishing near the beach. Hike the Florida National Scenic Trail—or explore on a day hike. Look for endangered birds in the mangroves. Snorkel in crystal-clear springs. Breathe in Florida's natural beauty in serene spots.

30 Eco-Trips in Florida by EcoFlorida editor Holly Ambrose is the first book in the Wild Florida series, published by the University Press of Florida. With a foreword by noted travel writer Timothy O'Keefe, 30 Eco-Trips in Florida offers a different kind of travel guidebook—one that focuses on Florida's natural lands, what to see and do there, and the environment. Each of the 30 areas detailed across the state reveal the best natural places to go, based on what interests you. Readers will discover:

Whether you're looking for a weekend getaway, a long
vacation, or an introduction to Florida's nature for the first time,
30 Eco-Trips in Florida will help you plan a nature-based trip
based on what you want to do.

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"30 Eco-Trips in Florida" won the first place award for the book category in this year's Excellence in Craft Awards, presented by the Florida Outdoor Writers Association at its annual conference. Holly and Jim Ambrose are honored the book was chosen. Thank you, FOWA and sponsors!

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